Charmaine "Tigria" Carter, President

Charmaine Carter, CEO of Carter Entertainment, LLC; an organization committed to promoting awareness of the effects of emotional, physical, and sexual abuse by educating communities primarily through various media formats. Author of two published books: “Black Family Lies” and “Ashley Terrace Murder”. In June 2009, Ms. Carter hosted an internet radio talk show and a cable TV talk show called “Survivors of the Lion’s Den,” designed to serve survivors of abuse. “Survivors of the Lion’s Den” was on air for 3 seasons. She created a 60 minute performance monologue in 2011 titled “Black Family Lies: Redemption,” which is based on her original book detailing an autobiographical account of her abusive past. She also wrote a screenplay based on the same book.

She was a former Editor in Chief and owner of a local Newsletter called Richmond Addiction News (RAN) that had a readership of approximately 2,400 people. In 2017, she was the Screenwriter and Executive Producer for two short films entitled "A Moment in Space" and "The Sitter Who Loved Me."